Rekha is a 22 year old girl whose mother worked in a brothel for many years, was infected with various diseases, and became HIV positive at a very young age. When Rekha turned 12, her aunt told her about her mother’s work. She was very upset when she found out, and it was hard for …

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Nandani is from north India and is 18. Her father was employed with the Indian railways and her mother was a house wife. Nandani has four brothers (two older than her and two younger). Nandani studied up to the 5th grade, and enjoys cooking, painting, and being with people. When she was 5 years old, …

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Sheela is from a small village on the outskirts of a large city in India and is 21 years old. She lost her mother when she was two months old due to cancer. She believed that her aunt who looked after her was her mother, but this aunt eventually told her the truth…. that her …

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