The Reshma Project

The Reshma Project is a non-profit initiative to get women out of forced slavery around the world. The Reshma Project aims to connect sponsors to women who are leaving their life in the brothels or at risk of being trafficked.

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More than 18 million people (1.4% of India's population) live in slavery.

About Reshma project

About Us

The Reshma Project aims to connect sponsors to women who are a life of objectification. This allows for each sponsor to invest in a specific woman’s journey to sustainable freedom, based on her individual needs.

We hope to instill in each woman a sense of dignity, hope, identity, and ultimately partner with her in attaining physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

The vision of the Reshma Project is to expose the darkness of sex trafficking, to empower the enslaved to escape bondage, and to enrich their life and self with dignity.

How we do it

The sponsorship will see each woman through 3 separate phases.

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First, she will move into a restoration home and live with other women transitioning into freedom. There she will begin to learn a skill, receive counseling, and set goals for herself.

Step 2
Once she has attained these goals and is equipped with the tools she needs to get a job, she will move into a home where she is actively contributing to the financial costs of living, with just a few other women. In this phase, she is learning how to integrate back into society or enter it for the first time.
Step 3
Finally, she will have the opportunity to move to her hometown or to another place of her choosing. Here, using her newly acquired skills and tools, she can begin to build her own life; run her own business and live in her own housing.




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